Systems Biology Program Faculty and Students in the News





Programming genetic code can lead to better designer genes

Reprogramming bacteria to produce proteins for drugs, biofuels, and more, has long been part of the job for bioscient

How the gut's 'fingers' form (Mahadevan)

The human intestine is a marvel of morphology, meandering 21 feet inside the abdomen, with a miniature forest of fing

Morphogen gradients, non-coding RNAs, and multicolored fish (Schier)

A Zebrabow fish circled by a rainbow of ribosome profiles.

Lasering in on tumors (Sunney Xie)

In the battle against brain cancer, doctors now have a new weapon: an imaging technology that will make brain surgery

New plan of attack in cancer fight (Martin Nowak)

Researchers demonstrate that a two-drug combination, under certain circumstances, can eliminate disease

Amado selected as HHMI International Research Fellow

The new awardees represent a broad distribution of countries, including seven that were not represented in the previo

"Science Matters" 60-second video series

DePace, Reck-Peterson, Churchman and Lahav take a minute to talk about why "Science Matters."

New Program Aims to Reinvent Science of Drug Discovery

Dean Flier announces Harvard Program in Therapeutic Science (HiTS).