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How do simple cells differentiate, assemble into communities, and cope with change?

Cellular Clutch Control (Sam Reck- Peterson )

Molecular motors keep us alive.

Motor protein tug-of-war

Cytoplasmic dynein and kinesin-1 are opposite-polarity, microtubule-based motors that transport a wide variety of car

George Church on NBC News

In the future, genetically modified organisms could be making our medicines,

Tiny Animal Brain Takeover

In the quest to understand how the brain turns sensory input into behavior, Harvard scientists have crossed a major t

Tracking the Hidden Dynamics of Life

Ethan Garner, a new assistant professor i

Damaged Cells Feel the Beat

Strike a piano key, and you produce a note. Hit it four times, and you’re playing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5.

How Do Bacteria Handle Mixed Signals? With Surprising Simplicity

Mixed signals can be confusing, as the Beatles’ refrain has it. But when the signals come from antibiotic drug combinations, cells react in surprisingly simple way.