Systems Biology Program Faculty and Students in the News





It doesn’t add up

An important new finding by Harvard researchers indicates that cellular mutations responsible for an organism’s successful adaptation do not, when combined over time, provide as much benefit as they would individually be expected to provide.

RNA dynamics deconstructed

RNA plays a critical role in directing the creation of proteins, but there is more to the life of an RNA molecule than simply carrying DNA’s message.

The Moving Parts of a Tail-Anchored Protein Sorting Machine

Membrane protein targeting is a fundamental problem in cell biology.

Phillippe Cluzel's Random Walk from Physics to Biology

On a bookshelf in his office, MCB Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology Philippe Cluzel keeps several beautiful

Light maps neurons’ effects

Scientists at Harvard University have used light and genetic trickery to trace out neurons’ ability to excite or inhibit one another, literally shedding new light on the question of how neurons interact with one another in live animals.