Systems Biology Program Faculty and Students in the News





Andrew Murray is one of 15 new HHMI Professors

The HHMI professors are accomplished research scientists who also are deeply committed


We investigated the origins of symbiosis by ecologically engineering brewers yeast and

2014 ACS Synthetic Biology Young Investigator Award

Dr. Peng Yin is the recipient of the 2014 ACS Synthetic Biology Young Investigator Award

Research on bird beaks delivers insights on variation

Harvard researchers say that a common developmental mechanism is also a constraint 

Is rational design the best route for synthetic biology?

Two researchers argue that rational design can engineer new biological systems

Growing Up In Science

Tami Lieberman, PhD ’14, enjoys asking the big questions in evolution

The Eclectic Lives of Individual Cells

Thomas Norman explores how cells make "lifestyle decisions"

Which bacteria are in your poop?

Tami Lieberman examines the invisible evolutionary processes inside of people

A conversation with Marc Kirschner

The head of the HMS Department of Systems Biology department identifies systemic flaws in biomedical research