Systems Biology Program Faculty and Students in the News





Termite-Inspired Robots (Nagpal)

Team led by  Radhika Nagpal design self-organizing robots that demonstrate swarm-like i

‘On’ switches for cells (Schier)

Researchers find early developmental signal hidden amid ‘noncoding’ RNA.

Getting a charge from changes in humidity (Mahadevan)

A new type of electrical generator uses bacterial spores to harness the untapped power of evaporating water, accordin

Making Choices (Paulsson, Losick)

How microbes choose lifestyles gives clue to origin of multicellular life.

Strength in Diversity (Kishony)

A boy with cystic fibrosis develops a chronic and potentially deadly Burkholderia d

Protocell Progress (Szostak)

Researchers clear hurdle to making primitive, synthetic cells

Mitochondrial Mystery (Mootha)

Mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells, would have been good models for the “Got Milk?” campaign; they have an in

Curve Ball (Sorger)

After analyzing hundreds of interactions between cancer drugs and cancer cells using information theory and advanced