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John Abel

Email: johnhabel@g.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Frank Doyle
Year: 2015

David Afonso

Postdoc, Aravi Samuel Lab at Harvard Dept. of Physics; Postdoc, Janelia Farm/HHMI

Advisor(s): Pamela Silver
Dissertation Title: Microbial control of space and time

Maier Avendano Amado

Associate Consultant, Flagship Pioneering's VentureLabs

Dissertation: Super resolution imaging by programmable autonomous blinking
Advisor(s): Peng Yin
Year: 2010 -2015

John Bachman

Postdoc, Harvard Institute of Therapeutic Sciences

Dissertation Title: Identifying mechanisms of apoptotic pore formation with programmatic ensemble modeling
Advisor(s): Peter Sorger
Year: 2008

Kate Broadbent

Scientist, BioFire Diagnostics

Advisor(s): Pardis Sabeti and John Rinn
Dissertation Title: The regulatory capacity of long non-coding RNA in Plasmodium falciparum malaria

Nataly Cabili

Software Product Manager, Aviv Regev's Lab at Broad Institute

Advisor(s): Aviv Regev & John Rinn

Dissertation Title: Integrative Characterization of Human Long Non-Coding RNAs

Remy Chait

Postdoc, Guet Lab at Institute of Science and Technology, Austria

Advisor(s): Roy Kishony
Dissertation Title: Selection on antibiotic resistance in multi-stress environments

Anna Chen

Life Sciences Specialist Consultant, L.E.K. Consulting

Dissertation: Understanding Spatial and Temporal Organization of Cyanobacteria for Synthetic Biology Applications
Advisor(s): Pamela Silver
Year: 2010 - 2015

Hattie Chung

Postdoc, Harvard and Broad Institute

Email: hchung@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Roy Kishony
Year: 2011

Brendan Colon

Research Scientist, Amazon

Email: bcolon156@gmail.com
Advisor(s): Pamela Silver
Year: 2013

Paul Cowgill

Founder and CEO for Tasit Labs

Advisor(s): Sean Megason

James Damore

Software Engineer, Google

Advisor(s): L. Mahadevan

Evan Daugharthy

Co-Founder, ReadCoor

Dissertation:  Towards Perfect Molecular Measurement

Advisor: George Church

Entering Year: 2011

Joseph Dexter

Email: jdexter@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Jeremy Gunawardena and Vamsi Mootha
Year: 2013

Renan Antonio Escalante Chong

Associate Director, Systems Biology at Immuneering Corporation

Dissertation:  Genetic and molecular dissection of  the integration of galactose and glucose signaling in Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains
Advisor(s): Michael Springer

Daniel Flicker

Email: flicker@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Vamsi Mootha
Year: 2012

Giorgio Gaglia

Postdoc, Sandro Santagata Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital Dept. of Pathology

Advisor: Galit Lahav

Dissertation Title: Dynamics of p53 tetramers in live single cells

Siting Gan

Email: sitinggan@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Erin O'Shea
Year: 2011

Ylaine Gerardin

Data Scientist, Finch Therpeutics

Dissertation: Selection for antibiotic production
Advisor(s): Roy Kishony
Year: 2010

Jonathan Gootenberg

Email: jgootenberg@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Aviv Regev
Year: 2013

Thomas Graham

Postdoc, The Rockfeller University

Email: tgwgraham@gmail.com
Advisor(s): Joseph Loparo
Year: 2010

Abigail Groff

Email: agroff@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): John Rinn
Year: 2012

Antonina Hafner

Postdoc, Stanford

Email: iagovitina@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Galit Lahav
Year: 2011

Stephanie Hays

Postdoc, UC-Berkeley Dept. of Plant and Microbial Biology

Email: sgracehays@gmail.com
Advisor(s): Pamela Silver
Year: 2011

Steven Hershman

Director, mHealth at Stanford University

Advisor(s): Vamsi Mootha

Dissertation Title: Personal Genomics and Mitochondrial Disease

Thomas Hiscock

Email: twhiscock@gmail.com
Advisor(s): Sean Megason
Year: 2011

Bo Hua

Data Scientist, Quora

Email: bohua.harvard@gmail.com
Advisor(s): Michael Springer
Year: 2010

Hsiao-Chun Huang

Assistant Professor, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology at National Taiwan University College of Life Science

Advisor(s): Tim Mitchison

Dissertation Title: Life versus death decisions during mitosis

John Ingraham

Email: ingraham@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Debra Marks
Year: 2012

Keisuke Ishihara

Postdoc, Max Planck institute

Dissertation Title: On the growth of microtubule asters spanning millimeter-sized cells
Advisor(s): Timothy Mitchison
Year: 2010

Rishi Jajoo

Scientist at Octant Bio

Advisor(s): Johan Paulsson, Michael Springer
Dissertation: Experiments and Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Segregation, Yeast Polarization and RNA Polymerase Dynamics

Yunxin Jiao

Software Engineer, Quora

Email: yjiao@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Nir Hacohen
Year: 2012

Adrian Jinich

Email: ajinich@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Alan Aspuru-Guzik
Year: 2011

Kyle Karhohs

Postdoc, Carpenter Lab at Broad Institute

Dissertation: Experimental and Computational Tools to Study p53 Dynamics at the Single-Cell Level
Advisor(s): Galit Lahav
Year: 2009 - 2015

Eric Kelsic

Staff Scientist, George Church Lab at Wyss Institute

Advisor(s): Roy Kishony
Dissertation Title "Systematic approaches to deciphering genes and ecosystems"

Jocelyn Kishi

Email: jkishi@g.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Peng Yin
Year: 2014

Peter Koch

Email: peterkoch@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Tim Mitchison
Year: 2012

Hallie Kuhn

Chief of Staff, Amy Schulman, Polaris Partners

Dissertation: Regulation of Yolk Catabolism in Early Embryogenesis
Advisor(s): Timothy Mitchison
Year: 2010-2015

Dirk Landgraf

Manager of Business Development and External Innovation, Biogen

Advisor(s): Johan Paulsson

Dissertation Title: Quantifying localizations and dynamics in single bacterial cells

Matthieu Landon

Deputy Head of Innovation and Industrial Property at the Directorate General for Enterprise, DG Enterprises

Email: matthieu.landon29@gmail.com
Advisor(s): George Church
Year: 2012

Nicholas Leiby

Lead Data Scientist, Kyruus

Advisor: Christopher Marx

Dissertation Title: Adaptation and Specialization in the Evolution of Bacterial Metabolism

Daniel Lieber

Principal Scientist, Computational Biology, Foundation Medicine

Advisor(s): Vamsi Mootha

Dissertation Title: Computational and Experimental Approaches For Evaluating the Genetic Basis of Mitochondrial Disorders

Tami Lieberman

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT

Advisor: Roy Kishony

Dissertation Title: Genomic insights into bacterial adaptation during infection

Jose Reyes Lopez

Email: josereyes@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Galit Lahav
Year: 2011

Nathan Lord

Postdoc, Harvard Unviersity

Advisor: Johan Paulsson

Dissertation Title: Fluctuation Timescales in Bacterial Gene Expression

Niall Mangan

Assistant Professor of Eng. Sci. and Applied Math, Northwestern University

Advisor: Michael Brenner

Dissertation Title: Organization and diffusion in biological and material fabrication problems

Year: 2008

Tara Martin

Data Scientist, Stitch Fix

Advisor(s): Angela DePace
Dissertation Title: Assessing modularity of developmental enhancers in Drosophila melanogaster

Yifat Merbl

Senior Scientist, Weizmann Institute of Science

Advisor(s): Marc Kirschner

Dissertation title: Ubiquitin and Ubl modification profiling in mitosis

Jean-Baptiste Michel

Principal Data Scientist, BenevolentAI

Advisor(s): Martin Nowak

Dissertation Title: Quantitative aspects of evolution

Bjorn Millard

Principal Scientist, Applied BioMath

Advisor(s): Peter Sorger

Dissertation Title: Adaptive informatics for multi-factorial and high-content biological data

Cameron Myhrvold

Postdoc, Board Institute of MIT and Harvard

Dissertation: Synthetic organization in vitro and in vivo
Advisor(s): Pamela Silver and Peng Yin
Year: 2011

Alex Ng

Email: hng@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): George Church
Year: 2012

Charleston Noble

Email: cnoble@g.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Martin Nowak and George Church
Year: 2014

Thomas Norman

Postdoc, Weissman Lab at UCSF

Advisors: Johan Paulsson & Rich Losick

Dissertation Title: Memory in a phenotypic switch and noise in gene networks

Adam Palmer

Postdoc, Systems Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School

Advisor(s): Roy Kishony

Dissertation Title: Gene-drug interactions and the evolution of antibiotic resistance

David Rand

Assistant Professor, Psychology, Economics, and Math at Yale University

Advisor(s): Martin Nowak

Dissertation Title: A Systems Approach to the Evolution of Cooperation

Joshua Reyes

Software Engineer, The Dark Sky Company

Advisor(s): Curtis Huttenhower

Catalina Romero

Postdoc, Center for Genomic Regulation in Barcelona, Spain

Advisor: Walter Fontana

Dissertation Title: Spatio-temporal control of the cytosolic redox environment in C. elegans

Mashaal Sohail

Email: msohail@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Shamil Sunyaev
Year: 2011

Eric Solis

Associate Director, US Commercial Data Scientist, Shire

Dissertation: Defining the essential function of yeast Hsf1 reveals a compact transcriptional program for maintaining eukaryotic proteostasis
Advisor(s): Edoardo Airoldi, Vlad Denic

Max Staller

Postdoc, Cohen Lab at Washington University, St. Louis

Advisor(s): Angela DePace
Dissertation Title:Measuring and modeling enhancers in perturbed Drosophila melanogaster embryos

Nicholas Stroustrup

Group Leader, Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)

Advisor(s): Walter Fontana

Dissertation Title: The C. elegans Lifespan Machine and its application to the temperature scaling of lifespan

Longzhi Tan

Email: tan@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Sunney Xie
Year: 2012

Joseph Torella

VP, Skin Care and Business Intelligence, Ashland

Advisor(s): Pamela Silver
Dissertation Title: Synthetic biology approaches to bio-based chemical production

Peiling Tsou

Senior Resident, Dept. Internal Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital

Advisor(s): Lewis Cantley

Dissertation Title: AMPK, an energy stress sensor and beyond

David Tulga

Startup Founder, TransReality Technology, Inc.

Advisor: Dennis Wall

Ketki Verkhedkar

Senior Analyst, PureTech Ventures

Advisor(s): Galit Lahav

Dissertation Title: Quantitative analysis of DNA repair and p53 in individual human cells

Vikram Vijayan

Postdoc, Maimon Lab at Rockefeller University

Advisor(s): Erin O'Shea

Dissertation Title: Circadian gene expression in cyanobacteria

Zeev Waks

Lead Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics - Healthcare, Intel Corporation

Advisor(s): Pamela Silver

Dissertation Title: Single molecule and engineering approaches to studying RNA synthesis and energy metabolism

Jue Wang

Biological Engineer, Ginkgo Bioworks

Dissertation: Fitness tradeoffs, bimodality, and the genetics of natural variation in glucose-galactose sensing across Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Advisor(s): Michael Springer

Qingqing Wang

Postdoc, Rio Lab at UC Berkeley

Advisor(s): Pamela Silver

Dissertation Title: Alternative Splicing Regulation in Programmed Cell Death and Neurological Disorders: A Systems Biology Approach

Edwin Wintermute

Systems Biologist, INSERM

Advisor(s): Pamela Silver

Dissertation Title: Optimality and Plasticity In Metabolism

Shirlee Wohl

Email: shirleewohl@fas.harvard.edu
Advisor(s): Pardis Sabeti
Year: 2013

Ashley Wolf

Postdoc, Washington University, St. Louis

Advisor: Vamsi Mootha

Dissertation Title: Leveraging genomic approaches to characterize mitochondrial RNA biology

Martin Wuehr

Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology, Lewis-Sigler Institute at Princeton University

Advisor(s): Tim Mitchison

Dissertation Title: Spatial Organization of Large Cells