George Church

Professor of Genetics

Harvard Medical School
New Research Building, Room 232 & 238
77 Ave. Louis Pasteur
Boston , MA 02115
Tel: 617-432-7562

Lab Size: Over 90


Our research focuses on new technologies for "omic" measures, synthesis and modeling/CAD/analysis tools.  We apply these to biomedical & ecological systems -- in particular, personal genomics and microbial genome engineering for new genetic codes, novel amino acids and multi-virus resistance. We developed next-generation sequencing (NGS) and fluorescent in situ sequencing (FISSEQ) methods to analyze the output of combinatorial selections as well as comprehensive gene-enviroment-trait data for affordable personalized medicine. We developed CRISPR technologies to reprogram the (epi)genomes of human pluripotent stem cells to connect cis-regulatory motif variants in populations to allele-specific and cell-type-specific RNA measures and further to causal effects on cell and larger-scale morphologies. We helped initiate the BRAIN project and are contributing "innovative  neurotechnologies" including fluorescent connectome, transcriptome, ticker tape and developmental lineage barcode collected via a single integrated "Rosetta brain".


Lajoie MJ, Kosuri S, Mosberg JA, Gregg CJ, Zhang D, Church GM (2013) Probing the limits of genetic recoding in essential genes. Science 342: 361-3.

Lee J, et al.  (2014) Highly multiplexed three-dimensional subcellular transcriptome sequencing in situ. Science 343(6177):1360-3.

Goodman DB, Church GM, Kosuri S (2013) Causes and effects of N-terminal codon bias in bacterial genes. Science 342:475-9. 

Marblestone A, Daugharthy E, Kalhor R, Peikon I, Kebschull J, Shipman S, Mishchenko Y, Lee J, Kording KP, Boyden ES, Zador AM, Church GM (2014) Rosetta Brains: A Strategy for Molecularly-Annotated Connectomics. ArXiv 1404.5103.