Peng Yin

Professor of Systems Biology

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
Center for Life Sciences, 5th Floor
3 Blackfan Circle
Boston, MA 02115
Tel: 617-432-7731

Lab Size: Between 10 and 15


Our research interest lies at the interface of information science, molecular engineering, and biology. We are generally interested in developing programmable molecular systems and technology inspired by biology. Specifically, we focus on engineering information directed self-assembly of nucleic acid (DNA/RNA) structures and devices, and on exploiting such systems to do useful molecular work, such as probing and programming biological processes for imaging and therapeutic applications.


Wei,B., Dai, M., & Yin, P. (2012). Complex shapes self-assembled from single-stranded DNA tiles. Nature, in press.

Zhang, D.Y., Chen, S.X., & Yin, P. (2012). Optimizing the specificity of nucleic acid hybridization. Nature Chemistry, 4(3), 208-14. PMID: 22354435.

Yin, P., Hariadi, R.F., Sahu, S., Choi, H.M.T., Park, S.H., LaBean, T.H., & Reif, J.H. (2008). Programming DNA tube circumferences. Science, 321, 824-826.

Yin, P., Choi, H.M., Calvert, C.R., & Pierce, N.A. (2008). Programming Biomolecular Self-Assembly Pathways. Nature, 451(7176), 318-22. PMID: 18202654.