Xiaowei Zhuang

Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology and of Physics

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Naito Building, Room 032
12 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Tel: 617-496-9558
Email: zhuang@chemistry.harvard.edu


Lab Size: Over 20


The Zhuang research lab develops and applies advanced optical imaging techniques to study the behavior of individual biological molecules and complexes in vitro and in live cells. Our understanding of living organisms has greatly benefited from various imaging and visualization tools. In particular, understanding the inner workings of a cell requires imaging techniques with molecular-scale resolution and dynamic imaging capability such that molecular interactions and processes inside the cell can be directly visualized. We are developing imaging methods with single-molecule sensitivity and nanometer-scale resolution to meet these challenges and applying these tools to study problems in cell biology, neurobiology and microbiology. Our current research effort focuses on three main directions: (1) developing super-resolution fluorescence microscopy techniques to allow imaging of cells and tissues with molecular-scale resolution. (2) Apply super-resolution imaging methods to study neural circuitry and sub-neuronal structures, DNA organization and gene expression regulation, as well as how viruses infect cells. (3) using single-molecule approaches to investigate how proteins and nucleic acids interact, with emphasis on chromatin remodeling.


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